This Too Shall Pass


It’s week 3 of the social distancing order issued by our president as a result of the CV pandemic. While the isolation and constant fear-ridden news can be a drain on my emotional wellbeing, I am encouraged by the resilience we have seen time and time again in America, even just in the last two decades.  We got through the 9/11 terrorism and adapted to new TSA travel protocols.  We overcame the economic crisis in ’08 with a careful eye on our financial obligations.  Americans are uniquely resilient.   My faith in American resilience and the promises made in the scriptures remind me that this too shall pass.

American ingenuity and the need to accommodate the demands of the people has given us the “Pre-Check” status that so many regular air travelers have added to their personal profile.  Today’s businesses and their associates are getting crash courses in work-from-home practices and participating in zoom meetings.  We will get through this.

But we will have been forever changed by CV.  We have become more acquainted with our time at home, our connection to those we love and how proximity and distance have played into those relationships.  Too much proximity for some, too much distance for others.  We have embraced our surroundings in new ways.  We are finding new ways to be outside.  We have found new ways to break up the monotony of being at home and the doom of the economic situation on the country by turning our attention to board games, or watching some classic happy TV shows – from Bob Ross to The Office.  Maybe you have caught Season 3 of Ozark (excellent by the way).

There is much to be thankful for despite our challenges, whether in business, financial security, or relationships or a combination of all three.  At the end of the day we are resilient and have the confidence that This Too Shall Pass.


Blessings to all,

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