Kenna Pratt


As an account manager, Kenna is a main point of contact for assisting groups and organizations of all sizes to make sense of their health insurance benefits and services. She regularly leads renewal and annual meetings with her groups and assists clients in ensuring they offer best in class benefits to be an employer of choice!

Certifications, Education, Licenses, and Related Organizations

  • Associates of Science, North Idaho College
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, Boise State University
  • Master of Healthcare Administration, Claremont Lincoln University

Hobbies, Interests, and Family

My weekends consist of time with friends, cooking, and hot yoga. I like to start a Sunday with a church service and wrap it up with cleaning my home! In the summer, you can find me hiking, camping, and exploring the outdoors. I love to go for runs with my dog Lila and take in all the scenic views surrounding us. In my downtime I love reading a good book or listening to a motivational podcast.

Favorite Quote

“To fully accept your life- the highs, lows, good, bad- is to be grateful for all of it, and to know that the “good” teaches you well, but the “bad” teaches you better.”

–  Brianna Wiest

Who is Your Most Inspiring Role Model?

My mom is my role model. She has created a space of motivation, understanding, and comfort for those around her. I admire her strength, heart, and drive.

What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

As an overachiever, I am not sure I have reached my greatest accomplishment just yet. Each accomplishment is a step towards the potential I see for myself- without goals, progress is invisible!

What is your Spirit Animal?

My spirit animal is a lion. Lions are strong and determined, and care takers by nature. They ensure security and safety before making drastic decisions, keeping the conditions around them controlled.

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