Katie Schreiber


With a background in human resources, training, and employee benefits, Katie provides expert advice, guidance and consultation to managers and supervisors in a diverse range of areas, including: performance management, just cause principles, internal investigation procedures, disciplinary actions, conflict resolution, classification and compensation, diversity issues, layoff process, reasonable accommodation and leave of absence.

Certifications, Education, Licenses, and Related Organizations

  • Bachelor of Science, Business w/ emphasis in Human Resources, Western Governors
  • SHRM-CP, Society of Human Resources
  • Health & Disability Insurance License, State of Idaho
  • Human Resources Certificate, North Idaho College
  • Human Resources Network of North Idaho, President
  • Coeur d’Alene Chamber, Board Member
  • Coeur d’Alene Rotary, Chair and Member
  • Kootenai County Police and Fire Memorial Foundation, Director
  • The Lady d’Alenes, Founder

Hobbies, Interests & Family

I’ve cherished being a Mom for the majority of my adult life and have chosen to be involved in as most every aspects of my girls’ lives. They are both student athletes and keep me busy when I am not working.  As they have grown in their independence, I found myself discovering interests like camping, boating, hiking, relaxing, reading a book, listening to soft music, or working out in some way.  While I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Momma Bear, self-discovery has also been pretty cool.

Favorite Quote

My sister found something in my Dad’s belongings, which has become my favorite quote:

“Be humble in your confidence; yet courageous in your character.

– Melanie Koulouris

It was such a resemblance of who our Dad was that we decided to place it on his headstone and has since become my most favorite quote and life guide.

Who is Your Most Inspiring Role Model?

My Sister.  When one thinks of the story of The Butterfly, if we were to see that enacted as a human, it would be my the story of my Sister.  She is a SURVIVOR and THE MOST INSPIRING individual I know.

What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Hands down being the Mom of two successfully thriving daughters.  They are confident, intelligent, athletic, and moral.  I am blessed that I was chosen to be their Mom and I delight in both of them.

What is your Spirit Animal?

My spirit animal is a whale. Whales can symbolize magnificence, communication, music, protection, gratitude, wisdom, and transformation.

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