Bre Lassiter


Bre has been in the insurance industry since 2008 and serves as an Account Manager of the Advanced Benefits team. As an Account Manager, Bre assists clients with the day to day management of their employee benefits, HR needs, and helping employees navigate their benefits journey. She regularly leads renewals and annual meetings with her clients, constantly seeking opportunities to help them become best in class employers.

Certifications, Education, Licenses, and Related Organizations

  • Licensed Agent for Life and Disability/Health insurance
  • Health Insurance Associate (HIA) Designation through America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
  • Healthcare Customer Service Associate (HCSA) Designation through America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
  • Professional, Health Insurance Advanced Studies (PHIAS) Designation through America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
  • Account-Based Health Plans (ABHP) Certified through National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU)
  • Communications Certificate from North Idaho College

Hobbies, Interests, and Family

I married my high school sweetheart in 2011 and we love to camp and do all things outdoors! I also fill up whatever other spare time I have with crafts and fun home projects. Over the years I’ve volunteered as an Idaho District 1 Theatre Judge for high school drama competitions and have recently started volunteering with CDA ACT (Celebrating Different Abilities through Art & Community Theatre) by participating on both the Marketing and Finance Committees.

Favorite Quote

“Happiness is 10% circumstance and 90% you.

–  Charles R. Swindoll

 I’ve had this quote up in my workspace for many years as a reminder that I can’t always change what’s going around me, but I can always adjust my attitude. I’m not sure who to give the quote credit to, I just know that I heard this once and it’s always stuck with me!

Who is Your Most Inspiring Role Model?

Personally & professionally, I’ve had so many wonderful mentors that I can’t pick out one without being unjust to another. I feel extraordinarily blessed in this arena.

What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Honestly, I’d say breaking or continuing to break, unhealthy patterns and cycles.

What is your Spirit Animal?

My spirit animal is the gorilla. The gorilla is the embodiment of strength and gentleness – a combination that is all too rare in the world. Gorillas can represent personal inner strength and majesty. One characteristic of the gorilla is if they are provoked they beat their chest and remind others of their boundaries. Gorillas embody the idea of family and community and take care of their nearest and dearest at all times.

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