Creating Valuable Connections

You can have the best benefits program in the world, but if the program isn’t effectively communicated to your employees, you won’t be getting maximum value from it. Employees need to know how the plan works for them.

Our communication consulting practice will ensure employees understand, utilize, and appreciate your program. We will help you: engage plan participants in wellness programs, make benefits and options known, clearly explain changes, and provide necessary information in a clear and timely manner.

We believe it is our obligation to help organizations manage the complexity of modern health care and make informed decisions for themselves and their employees.

Getting the Message Out

Communications may take place in person, by phone or text, in print or via web, video, or social media. We can further assist with content development, media selection, production, delivery, and budget requirements, developing a comprehensive benefits communication plan. Recommendations and approaches will be customized to best communicate with your employees.

Common communications include:

  • Targeted enrollment and new-hire materials
  • Newsletters, benefits guides, benefits-at-a-glance, election forms, posters, payroll stuffers, flyers, PowerPoint presentations
  • Videos
  • Mobile apps
  • HTML email announcements
  • Content, messages, and ideas for in-house publications
  • On-site employee meetings
  • Web-based employee meetings
  • Online company benefit portal
  • Ongoing relevant and timely employee benefit/wellness education newsletters
  • Topic-specific communication campaigns tied to your overall benefits strategy
  • Employee benefit statements and/or total compensation statements
  • Employee satisfaction surveys