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Battling Pay Compression and Pay Inversion

What is the difference between pay compression and pay inversion? Pay Compression Pay compression occurs when a new hire is paid the same as current workers in the same position, or when the pay difference between employee levels shrinks so higher-level workers feel that their salary advantage over newer employees is no longer significant. An example would be if an employee who has worked at the company for one year receives a $1.00 an hour raise...
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Avoid the Year-End Broker Boondoggle

When is the best time for considering a broker change for your employee benefit plans?  Changing brokers, after all, or strategic benefit advisors as I prefer to describe myself, is a big decision.  Any decision to change should bring with it the hope of better results down the road and a deeper sense of partnership to the mission at hand.  Whether you are looking for new and fresh ideas, a more responsive service team, a more robust suite of...
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Forward. Thinking.

The EEOC exists to protect employees against undue discrimination that come in many stripes.  A battle between the EEOC and what HIPAA allows and promotes as a “wellness plan” has been going on for several years.  On January 7, 2021 the EEOC released their Proposed Regulations to address the inconsistencies between the two regulatory agencies and hopefully put to bed the conflicts they have created for employers.  We are in the 60-day comment...
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All Bark...

Trump's Executive Orders For Controlling Drug Prices On July 24, 2020, President Trump signed three Executive Orders aimed at the pharmaceutical industry in an attempt to reduce the consumer’s cost of certain medications through a variety of measures.  Each order requires that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) engage in a rule-making process that may take months to unfold, and then, if there is a change in the administration,...
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This Too Shall Pass

It’s week 3 of the social distancing order issued by our president as a result of the CV pandemic. While the isolation and constant fear-ridden news can be a drain on my emotional wellbeing, I am encouraged by the resilience we have seen time and time again in America, even just in the last two decades.  We got through the 9/11 terrorism and adapted to new TSA travel protocols.  We overcame the economic crisis in ’08 with a careful eye on our...
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My Corona

In the eighties I used to have a fond affection for the My Sharona song by The Knack.  With the recent discovery and subsequent media-led info-demic known as the Coronavirus, it is certainly not business as usual. Planning for the inevitable outbreak of coronavirus to a location near you, your firm should be thinking proactively on how you might mitigate business interruptions.  How many of your people could work remotely as need be?  Are you...
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