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Alliant Insurance Services Acquires Advanced Benefits, Further Expanding its Northwest Footprint

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alliant Insurance Services continues to expand its footprint in the Northwest region with its acquisition of Advanced Benefits. The Idaho-based employee benefits consultancy brings a full suite of technology-driven employee benefits and HR solutions under the Alliant umbrella. “This powerful combination of teamwork, innovation, and personal service will further enhance our employee benefits offerings in the...
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New Year's Resolutions Related Injury?

As we usher in the new year, many employees embark on a journey to improve their health and wellness. New Year's resolutions often include lofty fitness goals that, while commendable, may inadvertently lead to injuries. If an employee is injured and wants to know when and how they can return to work, it’s important to address these concerns to ensure a smooth transition back to work for employees. In this blog post, we'll explore how HR...
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PCORI Filing for 2023?

Hey there, HR superheroes! Today, let's shed some light on those pesky PCORI fees and make the process a breeze for you. PCORI stands for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and the fees are a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement. If your company offers a self-insured health plan, these fees help fund research that compares different medical treatments to improve patient outcomes. But don't worry, we're here to answer your...
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Ready for the new year? Did you make your list and check it twice?

While other team members may be winding down for the year and preparing to enjoy the holidays, most HR professionals would tell you it's their busiest time of year. There are a significant number of HR tasks to complete in a short period of time to prepare for the upcoming year. It is important for an organization to ensure these end-of-year tasks are completed to set the stage for a successful 2023 and beyond. This list is designed to help you...
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What are pre-tax Commuter Benefits?

As prices continue to rise at the pumps, employees may be considering ditching their personal vehicles and switching to public transportation to get to work. Some employers looking to offer more fringe benefits as a means to attract talent have implemented Commuter Benefits. These accounts are subject to separate monthly limits under the IRS of $280 per account, for a total of $560 per month if the employee elected both accounts to the maximum...
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What is a defined contribution strategy?

It's no secret that costs are rising for employers to offer their employees health insurance. What can an employer do to stabilize costs and still give employees options? A defined contribution approach in the context of an employer premium strategy can help establish a fixed cost for offering health insurance. Choose Your Number When an employer adopts a defined contribution model, they decide how much money they will allocate towards employees...
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What is "adverse selection" when it comes to benefits enrollment and how does it impact insurance rates?

Imagine you're in a meeting with your benefits consultant discussing the upcoming medical renewal. Your company offers more than one type of plan to employees so employees can choose what they want based on their needs. However, your consultant warns you about "adverse selection" and talks about how careful steps will need to be taken to avoid it, but what is adverse selection in the first place? Sick in Need is Sick Indeed Adverse selection...
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What is a Prevailing Wage?

Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? Imagine if instead of becoming a criminal mastermind, Carmen Sandiego instead chose more traditional work. Her love for traveling all over the country is still strong, so Carmen chooses to work all over the country. How does her travel impact her pay? This is where a prevailing wage might come into play. Prevailing wage usually refers to the rate of pay that contractors and vendors must offer their employees...
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What are Total Compensation Statements?

The "Hidden" Paycheck As an employer, it can be difficult to show an employee the full value of their benefits and compensation. Total Compensation Statements convey the total value of the company's benefit offerings and employee's compensation. They can be used to showcase to an employee their direct and indirect compensation. They highlight how much an employee earned in base salary or hourly wages and bonuses in a given time period (usually a...
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Protection for Religious Holidays?

Do employers have to allow employees to have religious holidays off? Protections Under Title VII If an employer has 15 or more employees, they must provide reasonable accommodation for employees who wish to observe religious holidays. Even employers with fewer than 15 employees may need to comply with state or local anti-discrimination laws, so it's a best practice not to deny an employee's request too hastily. Title VII of the Civil Rights...
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