Helping Businesses and Employees Thrive

In the face of constant change, companies must be willing to look further than cost-containment and embrace new ideas that promote sustainable success. Incorporating benefits into your corporate growth strategy is a prime opportunity to increase productivity and fuel innovation by creating a culture of wellbeing.

By providing wellness programs that work to support your employees on a holistic level, you can empower them to be healthier and happier. This in turn, motivates them to actively engage, make their most meaningful contributions and stay longer, helping your business grow and thrive.

As your trusted partner with a breadth of services to fit all your needs, we will work together to design and implement a benefits plan that aligns with your goals to deliver valuable returns on investment now and into the future.

Our Approach

We will never sell you a pre-packaged, off-the-shelf benefits “solution.” Instead, we go the extra mile, taking the time to get to know your company, its people, needs and goals, as well as resources and funding.

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Using advanced analytics, seasoned expertise and creative solutions, we work closely with you to design a unique benefits program driven by strategies that support your organization’s overall wellbeing and growth potential.

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Even the most carefully designed plan can fail without conscientious implementation and cross-team accountability throughout the process.

We will partner with you to communicate how you and your people can effectively maximize the program’s value.

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As economic conditions, business objectives and requirements change, regular evaluations and adjustments of your benefit program are necessary to keep you compliant and ahead of the curve.

We will utilize our broad range of resources to ensure your benefit plan continues to improve the lives of your people, while delivering on your bottom line.

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Our Services

We put our partnerships with industry giants to work locally by helping our clients take care of their employees and grow their businesses with benefits solutions that meet the needs of today and the challenges of the future.

Employee Benefit Programs
Our breadth of offerings combined with advanced technology and local, expert service enables you to meet the needs of your business and your employees with more choice and less compromise.

- Association Health Plan Strategies
- Benefit Plan Evaluation & Recommendation
- Carrier Billing Assistance
- Provider Network Evaluations
- Employee Claims Advocacy
- Employee Communication/Education
- Contribution Modeling
- Claim Analytics
- Renewal Negotiation with Carriers
- Alternative Funding Strategies
- Stewardship Report
- On-site Employee Meetings
- Benefit Website Portal (BEN)
- Combined Billing
- Benchmark Analytics
- Online Enrollment (BEN)
- On-site Employee Enrollment

HR and Compliance Services
We help you strengthen your compliance by effectively mitigating your risk with practical assessments, advanced proprietary technology and proactive solutions.

- Advanced HROnline & Newsletter
- HR Checklist (Face-to-Face Meeting)
- Compliance Alerts
- Monthly Webinars
- 5500 Form Preparation
- PPACA Readiness Audit/Proactive Planner
- Advanced HR Hotline
- DOL Audit List/Compliance Audit Manual
- HIPAA Training
- MLR Calculator
- Pay-or-Play Calculator
- Employee Training Tools
(Prevention of Harassment/Discrimination)
- Summary Plan Descriptions
- Assistance with CMS Certification Discloser Filing

Corporate Wellbeing
Focus on the big picture by enhancing your employees’ wellbeing through programs that work to increase morale, drive productivity, and deliver on your bottom line.

- Employee Wellness
- Integrated Wellness Plans
- Wellness-in-a-Box
- Online Health Risk Assessments
- On-site Flu Shots
- On-site Biometrics
- TeleMedicine
- Health Fair