Looking ahead. Thinking ahead.
Helping our clients stay ahead.

In a fast-changing, complex, and competitive benefits environment, we deliver innovative benefits solutions that keep our clients ahead of the curve and the competition. We look, we listen, we stay aware of the industry trends and changes, delivering individualized solutions and proprietary tools to meet the needs of our customers.

Knowledge you can trust
Ideas that get results.

Employee Benefit Programs
We help you take care of the most important part of your business — your people. Our innovative approach not only allows us to build attractive and competitive benefit programs that fit the needs of your employees, but those of your company as well.
Corporate Wellbeing
We know businesses thrive when employees thrive, and that their financial, spiritual, and cultural wellbeing are the building blocks to your success. Our extensive experience helps make your corporate wellbeing strategy come to life for your employees.
HR and Compliance Services
Your HR team is more than a personnel department. Modern HR organizations nurture and develop companies' brand ambassadors. At Advanced Benefits, we are your HR partners with the resources, expertise and innovation to help you attract, train and retain the best talent.
We are proud to partner with Think HR, the industry’s leading provider of the best in HR tools, training, and systems. Our partnership with Think HR gives you the resources and expertise of global HR professionals, administered with a personal, local touch.
Focused local experience with broad national connections

Our Resources

We tap all the resources of partners like Think HR and Benefit Advisors Network to give our clients access to thought leadership and best practices of global giants. Fiercely independent and client-focused, we put these resources to work helping local businesses take care of their employees with maximum efficiency.


Partnering with Our Community

Giving back doesn’t just benefit our friends and neighbors, it benefits us. Advanced Benefits employees proudly support a wide variety of causes in our communities to create a better future for everyone.


What Our Clients Are Saying

The Advanced Benefits team is great to work with. They are behind the scenes working hard to get things accomplished that will benefit the individual employee, the organization, and the community as a whole. Thank you for all that you do!
HR Manager
They never hesitate to help with whatever we need.
Office Manager
They do a great job of communicating with us and following up on outstanding matters. Great job of taking our calls and or timely responding to our inquiries or calls for support.
Advanced Benefits is always there when you need them. Very responsive and always with a great attitude no matter the request.
They are always there when you need them. There will be times my rep is unavailable and one of her team members is always there to jump in. It’s amazing because you never get conflicting information. They are a great TEAM of people!!!!!
The team at AB has vast knowledge and offers support for all benefit related issues. They are a much-valued resource to our company.
Payroll & Benefits Admin
Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU ALL? You went above and beyond my expectations in negotiating a reasonable deal with the doctor’s office, saving my family thousands of dollars. Andrea, Kaelina and Athena were front and center, but I know this kind of team effort truly guarantees SUPER SUCCESS for your clients.
Corporate Trainer
I have been working with Arwyn on some issues with the insurance company approving my prescriptions. Her customer-service skills are excellent. She has been very responsive and knowledgeable, and I appreciate her assistance. You have a winner in Arwyn.
I am writing to let you know how thankful I am for Sarah’s help with a hospital bill. Not only are Sarah’s customer service skills amazing, she guided me in the right direction with this issue, and then went above and beyond to help me with the lab-work bill. Her follow up, clear information and explanations are leading to a resolution.
Customer Service Manager
Thank you very much for the amazing work during the presentation about our healthcare plan changes. You handled hundreds of questions from a tough crowd and I was impressed by the amount of information you conveyed in the very tight time frame. You’re awesome!
Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely impressed by your team. Anna and Kelsey have been awesome. Jessica's meeting today was professional, funny and very informative. From top to bottom, you guys have a great operation going. I look forward to working with you and your team.
HR Director
I would like to send kudos to Arwyn for ALL the great work she did helping us to get our insurance changes done in a timely fashion. Kudos also to Kerri Straw and everyone at Benefits Exchange Northwest. We could not have done the changes without them, too!
Office Manager
You’re invested in your employees. We’re invested in you.

Employee Benefits — Our Focus

Benefits are not just an obligation — they’re an opportunity.  The right program can help your employees and your company stay healthy.  Smart, innovative benefits solutions can reduce costs, streamline process and compliance, and let your employees experience the value of your investment in them.