2016 Webinar Series


13 – ACA Update & Reporting Requirements Presenter: Stacy Barrow, Esq.

20 – Hiring the Right people: Best Practices for Recruiting and Talent Management Presenter: Bobbi Kloss

27 – Complying with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule: Presenter: Stacy Barrow, Esq.



17 – Beating Benefits Bewilderment: Guidelines to Make Your Benefits Communication a Lot More Engaging Presenter: David Daskal

24 – HR Technology: Human Capital Management Technology Presenter: Jamie Hawkins & Anne Burkett



16 – Department of Labor Audit Preparation: Health and Welfare Plans Presenter: David Daskal

30 – Total Rewards Management: How to Maintain the Right Talent Presenter: Bobbi Kloss



13 – Emerging Trends: Telemedicine – How to Increase Utilization Presenter: Todd Heiserman & Beth Doty

20 – Emerging Trends: Onsite Clinics Presenter: Sonja Horner

27 – Self-Funding Strategies Presenter: Pat Campola



11 – FMLA and Employee Benefit Plans: Understanding the Interaction Presenter: Stacy Barrow, Esq.

25 – Best Practices for Switching Payroll Vendors Presenter: Jamie Hawkins & Anne Burkett



8 – Cadillac Tax Presenter: Stacy Barrow, Esq.

16 – Overtime Regulations: A Human Resources Perspective Presenter: Bobbi Kloss

22 – A Wellness Program on a Limited Budget Presenter: Will Clower



6 – ACA Reporting: Lessons Learned & Future Forecast Presenter: Jamie Hawkins

20 – Prescription Drug Benefits: Strategy for Pharmacy Benefits Management Presenter: John Vretas

27 – Open Enrollment: Communicate Changes in the Benefit Plan Presenter: TBD



17 – HDHP, HSA and other Account Based Plans Presenter: Steve Weatherhead, Stacy Barrow, Esq

31– Top 10 Mistakes for HR Audits Presenter: Bobbi Kloss



14 – FLSA – Overtime Regulations Presenter: Stacy Barrow, Esq.

28– Using RX to Control Medical Costs Presenter: Bruce Campbell



12 – Forecasting the Affordable Care Act and other Regulatory Matters Pre-Election Presenter: Stacy Barrow, Esq.

26 – Cyber Risk: Lifelock Presenter: TBD



16 – Post Election and How This Affects the Industry Presenter: TBD



14– Year in Review & Future Forecast Presenter: Stacy Barrow