2015 Webinar Series

January 21 – Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Complying with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule: This webinar explains an employer’s obligations under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and satisfies HIPAA’s training requirement. All staff members who use or access “protected health information” as part of their job duties should attend

February 4 – Stacy Barrow, Esq.

ACA Update & Reporting RequirementsThis webinar provides an update on recent events and regulatory guidance under the ACA, along with an overview of the ACA’s new reporting requirements for 2015 (first reporting is due in the first quarter of 2016).

March 4 -Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Department of Labor Audit Preparation – Health and Welfare PlansThe federal agencies responsible for monitoring compliance of ERISA-governed plans are stepping up their audit efforts across the country, with an increasing focus on health and welfare plans. This webinar will discuss what is likely to be covered in an audit of health and welfare plans and what you can do to prepare.

April 8 -Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Self-Insured PlansThis webinar provides an overview of self-funding principles and offers considerations for employers thinking of self-insuring their group health plan in light of the Affordable Care Act

May 13 -Bobbi Kloss

Human Resources: Are you Audit Ready? The DOL is conducting audits on employers of all sizes – large or small. Learn more about the audit process, what they’re looking for and some tools available to keep your company audit ready.

June 3 -Bobbi Kloss

Human Resources: Time to dust off your employee handbook. Does it still reflect your company mission and culture as well as is it compliant with current federal and state laws?

July 15 – Stacey Barrow, Esq.

Consumer Directed Health Plans, HSA and other Account-Based PlansDuring this webinar we discuss the rules relating to high deductible health plans and their interaction with account-based plans such as FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs

August 19 – Dr. Bruce Campbell

Wellness Programs: Setting Goals and Expectations to “Fit” Your CompanyLearn how we define Wellness, how to craft a wellness program strategy, and what type of vendors to include. This webinar will also discuss how to define goals for your wellness program and provide clarity in the area of ROI expectations and timeline 

September 2 – Bobbi Kloss

Conducting Performance Reviews & Defining SMART GoalsLearn how to engage your employees and improve performance by using an effective performance review process

October 7 -Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Cafeteria Plan Change in Status RulesThis webinar reviews the irrevocable election rules governing cafeteria plans and the circumstances under which elections may be changed during the year

November  – To Be Announced

December 18 – Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Year in Review & Future Forecast: This webinar reviews the major legal and regulatory changes in 2015 affecting employee health and welfare benefit plans, and what to expect in 2016