2014 Webinar Series

January 15 – Stacy Barrow, Esq. / Dr. Kevin Trangle

Complying with HIPAA’s Privacy Rule: This webinar explains an employer’s obligations under HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and satisfies HIPAA’s training requirement. All staff members who use or access “protected health information” as part of their job duties should attend

February 19 – Stacy Barrow, Esq.

COBRA Workshop: An Instructional Overview: This webinar provides a general overview of the rules regarding the right to continue group health plan coverage under federal law, including tips to prevent common COBRA compliance issues.

March 19 -Stacy Barrow, Esq.

Catching up on the ACA: This webinar reviews the latest legal and regulatory guidance on the Affordable Care Act, and how those changes impact employers and plan sponsors.

April 16 – Peter Marathas, Esq.

Audit Preparation – Part One – Health and Welfare Plans: The federal agencies responsible for monitoring compliance of ERISA-goverend plans are stepping up their audit efforts across the country, with an increasing focus on health and welfare plans. This webinar will discuss what is likely to be covered in an audit of health and welfare plans and what you can do to prepare. 

May 21 -Peter Marathas, Esq.

Audit Preparation – Part Two – Retirement Plans: This is Part II of the DOL Audit webinar, during which we discuss what is likely to be covered in an audit of retirement plans and what you can do to prepare.

June 18 -Stacy Barrow, Esq.

New ACA Rules Governing Wellness Programs: This webinar reviews the final regulations governing wellness programs and initiatives geared toward improving employee health. These final rules reflect the changes made by the Affordable Care Act to encourage appropriately designed, consumer-protective wellness programs in group health coverage. 

July 16 – Scott Stauffer

Exchanges – Defined Contribution: This webinar reviews the defined contribution, private exchange model and marketplace, and how this new approach to benefits funding is a beneficial option to manage costs.

August 10 – Stacy Barrow, Esq.

FMLA: This reviews the application of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to employee benefit plans. It includes a general overview of FMLA, as well as a discussion of an employer’s rights and responsibilities for employees on FMLA. 

September 17 – Brian Meharry

Health and Welfare Plan Reporting Requirements: This webinar reviews reporting requirements applicable to health and welfare benefit plans, including Form 5500 reporting, Form 8928 reporting, and the new employer and provider reporting requirements effective in 2015 under the Affordable Care Act.

October 15 -Brian Meharry

ACA and Its Impact on the Payroll/HR Practitioner: This webinar moves the audience from the theoretical to the practical implications of the ACA and its impact on employers. This is not a compliance cession but rather a tactical review of things an employer must do to navigate through this new marketplace (i.e. reporting, data sharing, time worked analysis, etc.)

November  – To Be Announced

December 18 – Peter Marathas, Esq.

Year in Review & Future Forecast: Covering compliance and legislation changes that transpired in 2012 and what we expect in the upcoming year