Our Service Model

At Advanced Benefits, our goal is to meet your needs and develop a long-term professional relationship based on transparency and value as you define it.

The landscape of running an organization continues to evolve. Benefits. Compliance. Employee Relations. HR & Technology. Today’s top performing organizations understand this and see the opportunity created by staying ahead of the curve. At the same time, once abundant resources along with tried-and-true practices are being challenged by the new economy and the changing dynamics of new workforce. Like never before, the need for strategic human capital management is putting considerable pressure on even the best HR departments. We can help.

We have the resources and business model that allows us to scale our services to your most pressing needs. The days are gone where it’s an either/or equation. What do you need? Can we address that need without upsetting the whole apple cart? We think we can.

We are proud to introduce our Suite of Services. Do you need our full scope of services to replace and enhance the services you’re receiving from your current broker? We can do that and we do that well. In fact, our standard service model for employee benefit brokerage has been the hallmark of our success since 1993. Our regular for most is a considerable enhancement over the dated service models of most 20th century agencies.

Perhaps your needs are limited to getting a better handle on Healthcare Reform Compliance. We can help. Allow us to perform our PPACA Readiness Audit or Pay-or-Play Cost Estimator for your company on a straight fee arrangement. This allows you to “dip your toe” in the warm waters of exceptional professional service without disrupting long-standing relationships.

In meeting with one of our professionals, you’ll easily determine where, when, and if doing business with our firm is right for you. At whatever level of engagement you decide on, know that our commitment to transparency will create a relationship that is grounded in a full understanding of mutual expectations.