Considering a Change?

Considering a change in representation? It’s not surprising. There’s a lot of movement in our industry lately. Clients are demanding more of their partners and we’ve been expecting that. And we’re ready to deliver.

We hope that you will consider a relationship with Advanced Benefits as your trusted advisor for Employee Benefits, Corporate Wellness, HR & Compliance, or all the above. We know changing advisors can present certain issues for decision makers because breaking up is hard to do. But the price of staying with a broker who is not delivering the value of today’s 21st Century advisor, the tools and resources you need to maximize your investment in your people by reducing your benefits costs and your compliance burdens is too high.

The links below are designed to make this process more business-like and objective. They can help you evaluate your options, minus the emotions, whether you’re considering a full Request for Proposal (RFP) process or just want to see how your current broker measures up.