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We keep you well informed of the changing landscape. Even before Healthcare Reform, changes in legal issues and trends have kept employers on their toes for years. With Healthcare Reform, there is only so much one can know. Be at ease that we will keep you posted on what you need to know with the quality of content you can’t always find in the news.

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Healthcare Reform – Individual Insurance FAQ & Strategies for 2014

September 24, 2013

Dear Valued Customer,

Through exposure to daily media you are no doubt aware that there are major changes coming to health care in 2014.  Healthcare Reform is constantly evolving and we want to keep you up to date so that you can make an informed decision regarding health insurance.

We have laid out below some vital information for you.  We apologize for the length of this letter, but believe that each section included here is an essential piece to the puzzle for individuals in the insurance market.  The purpose of this letter is to inform you and help you to strategize as to what your action plan will be.

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Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – September 13

Model Exchange Notice

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Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – August 30

IRS Adopts a “Place of Celebration” Rule in Implementing the U.S Supreme Court’s Windsor Decision

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Exchange Notifications FAQ

As of October 1st, employers are required to notify employees of the availability of the exchanges.

Click below to download the FAQ regarding what your responsibilities are with Exchange Notifications.

Exchange Notifications Info


Idaho Business Review Announcement

Coeur d’Alene benefit advisers earn PPACA Certification!

See our announcement posted online

PPACA Announcement


Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – July 10

IRS Formalizes Delay

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Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – July 9 (2)

Special Alert for Employers and Other Benefit Plan Sponsors: How Will the Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision Impact Your Employee Benefit Plans?

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Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – July 9 (1)

Supreme Court’s DOMA Decision Affects Employers’ Obligations under the FMLA

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Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – July 3

Pay or Play Delayed

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Advanced Benefits Legal eBlast – May 13 (2)

Advisory on Wellness Programs and “Affordability” under the Employer Mandate

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